Allegations of petty theft

As in the case of sexual violence, a special law should be made against lynching and given wide publicity to make people aware of legal punishments. A society which accepts different kinds of social systemic and random violence as routine, can become an easy prey to political violence of Fascism.In many cases of lynching, locally organised cow protection groups take the lead and incite mob violence against hapless victims. The next victims were the African Americans and 3,446 African Americans were lynched between 1882 and 1968.The changing narrative in the Modi-Shah-Yogi era leads to Taj Mahal ceasing to be an architectural marvel and becoming a symbol of Muslim invasion and conquest.The increased lynching of minorities in the last four years is closely related to local level Hindutva outfits and a supportive state power.

Allegations of petty theft, witchcraft, etc are other reasons cited. Reply to a question in Parliament in the monsoon session of 2017 mentioned 288 cases of honour killing between 2014 and 2016. However, an appropriate social corrective and a political response are also important. Lynchings erupted when farmers tried to terrorize the labourers. Such violence is treated just a crime by state authorities.American-Arabs, Moslems, and Sikhs attacked by strident patriotic mobs in misplaced retribution for 2001’s horrific "9-11" events were another spate of lynching in the US. Love is turned into the fodder of hatred. These incidences rose from less than 5% of cases of mob violence in 2012, to more than 20% by June 2017.The other serious aspect is the role of social media, specially Facebook WhatsApp.. In fact, once vociferously targeted groups were Mexican-Americans, Chinese labourers, Italians, anti-Capitalist and "unpatriotic"union activists, homosexuals, Jews, and Mormons. Let the movement for cow protection be based and popularised on clear-cut economic and scientific principles.Each political party criticises mob violence only when the ‘mob’ does not subscribe to their ideology or is not affiliated to them. Further, at least 605 Hispanic Americans were lynched in the United States between 1848 and 1928. In attempting to reconstruct the plantation economy, planters were anxious to control labour. However, it needs to be underlined that even without these two factors, individuals and communities in India face lot of violence which enjoys passive, or active public approval.All "cow protection" gangs involved in terrorising and lynching be banned. Democracy is not possible in a society which accepts mass violence as a norm.D. The irony is that both the people who are lynching and who are lynched belong to the same strata of society — Lower middle class or poor."Global Context of LynchingLynching has originated in North America. A July 2017 report from the pro Right Wing think-tank, Observer Research Foundation, found a sharp increase in cow related violent incidences among total cases of mob violence.Ninety seven per cent of these incidences were reported after Modi govt came to power in 2014, and 84% per cent of those killed were Muslim. Many of these public displays of unimaginable brutality were ritualised affairs, carefully orchestrated. Hence, information about it can be gained only from media and fact finding reports. The most common excuse is suspicion of child abduction.

In reality, its prevalence all over India is a symptom of a deep social malaise. Fascism is anti-democratic, precisely because it uses violence as a political tool against selected social and political groups. The police now say that gory WhatsApp images of cows and blood flamed passions ahead of the Dadri lynching. The hordes of white settlers who swarmed the Americas in 16th and 17th centuries first lynched and eliminated the Native Americans to rob their lands. Dalits have been facing caste violence for thousands of years. Even now, despite constitutional provisions, many of them face every day public humiliation.In independent India, we saw this mob violence in its ugliest form in the 1984 killings of the innocent Sikhs in Delhi by the goons of Congress. However, it is not listed as a separate crime under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). And today, there is a natural, near-universal suspicion that the BJP is actually quite happy with the Hindu vote consolidation that Muslim hunting might bring about. during the "Red Summer" of 1919, attacking African-Americans in a frenzy whipped up by racism, anti-communism, fears of joblessness, and post-war jingoism.C. People also take China Pvc coated Oxford fabric Factory the law into their hands thinking that those they target may escape the clutches of law if let free. One media report (atboomlive. In addition, agricultural depression was widespread, and the price of cotton kept falling after the Civil War into the 1890s.Documented history shows lynch mobs roaming the streets of Washington lists 13 dead due to lynching in such cases in the first half of 2018. More recently, at Una in 2016, four dalit youth skinning dead cattle were publicly beaten by a cow protection gang, and the video recording of the beating was widely shared as a proof of just punishment. Every political party encourages this mob violence.All decent human beings feel revulsion against lynching of a fellow being.The mindset of plain bigotry to avoid a cab driven by a Muslim or not to be serviced by a Muslim delivery boy to lynching; the other on the basis of rumours runs exactly opposite to the famed Indian value of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is my family), which PM Modi declared as a guiding principle of his government. Attributing religious qualities to it gives it a godly status. Police is a passive accomplice, and in most cases, criminal cases are filed against victims themselves under cow protection laws.Lynching, which means killing of individuals by mobs, is a public crime. Refusal to take note of, or delayed condemnation of sectarian violence, by those in positions of power, signal tolerance of such activity. Mass campaigns, especially involving youth and students should be started against this culture of violence.If corrective measures are not taken today, the acceptance of lynching on perceived righteousness will permeate the social fabric soon and it will be tough to reverse the process later. While hysteria was certainly an element of lynch mob behaviour, perhaps a persistent one, other aspects of the experience seemed more deliberate and conscious. Has any action related to the source of these images and messages circulated on WhatsApp been taken by the UP or Rajasthan home ministry, or the Union home ministry?Way Ahead: Resist ViolencePolitical parties and social organisations should make special efforts to prevent incidences of public violence.According to web portal IndiaSpend, 25 Indians were killed in 60 cow related violent incidences between 2010 and 2017.Lynching: Prelude to FascismWhile the lynching of minorities is largely political, the caste and ethnic violence and honour killings are social systemic. Massacres of dalits by gangs of caste Hindus at Kilevenmani, Bathani Tola, Laxmanpur Bathe, Khairlanji are among the darkest spots in post independence Indian history.On July 1, five nomadic beggars in Dhule district of Maharashtra were lynched based on the rumour of child-lifting. Rana Pratap and Akbar undergo role reversals as to who defeated whom.Every inter-faith marriage becomes an instance of love jihad. We can see initial signs of lynching connected to destabilising carpet or zari industry, cattle business etc run by minorities and dalits in India, and also land mafia at times encouraging lynching to get prime land in India.Lynching in the Era of Modi-Shah led BJPSince the political successes of BJP under Modi, India is witnessing not only a degradation of institutions of democratic governance, but also degradation of public morals.Lynchings were public demonstrations of white power and a means to exert social control. How come the agencies say thisafter the deaths? Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Baghpat and Meerut — the violence of 2013 was made possible because of the sprinkling of hatred spewed via the visual-text communications threw up a challenge to law and order authorities by the salacious use of the widely used chatting app WhatsApp. The more people show acceptance of the current style of aggressive bravado and blatant use of lies and abuse in public discourse, more they become insensitive to others; and then they also become more likely to turn into brutes at any opportunity of lynching. Racial tensions had an economic base. Adivasis, mentally disturbed persons, migrant workers, single women and even tourists have been targeted.It indicates a very low level of opposition to violence per se in our society. Police and Courts should take an unambiguous stand against lynching and perpetrators punished at the earliest. While the crowd created by political parties with a purpose indulges in violence, the unorganised association of people carries out the killing on certain faulty premises. If fascism is made easy by mass acceptance of violence, its success legitimises violence and further lowers the threshold level of acceptance of violence." Savarkar was dismissive of cow worship: "A substance is edible to the extent that it is beneficial to man. History and science become sites of communal contest, in which fact succumbs to mightier fiction or post-truths, causing planes to fly in ancient India, soaring over hospitals performing plastic surgery and producing test tube babies.Same goes on today in Alwar, Hapur, Assam. Such a superstitious mindset destroys the nation’s intellect. Swami Vivekananda: "There was a time in this very India when, without eating beef, no Brahmin could remain a Brahmin; you read in the Vedas how, when a Sanyasin, a king, or a great man came into a house, the best bullock was killed; how in time it was found that as we were an agricultural race, killing the best bulls meant annihilation of the race. Savarkar (Samagra Savarkar Vangmaya).No Support in Hindu History as wellJust in context, there isn’t much support for cow worship in ancient Hindu texts (Ramayana and Mahabharata), nor among Hindu scholars like Swami Vivekananda (Madurai lecture) or V. Cow protection laws which give a legal fig leaf to such gangs should be repealed all over India.Since the beginning of the year, incidences of such lynching have taken place in states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Assam, which otherwise show little evidence of communal lynching. Hate filled messages fabricated with lies are spread on social media to gather crowds. The week from June 13 to 20, 2018 saw four Muslims lynched at Hapur (UP) and at Godda and Ramgarh in Jharkhand.The author is a noted media academic and columnist, and former Dean of Symbiosis and Amity Universities.

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The recommendation and details

The recommendation and details furnished by the state will also be routed through the same nodal officer.Some of the cases in which SIMI’s role has come to light include serial blasts in Mumbai suburban trains in 2006 in which 187 people were killed.’’States have also been asked to appoint a nodal officer for this purpose who can interact regularly with the home ministry and take necessary follow-up action.This is important since evidence of such activities in form of FIRs are required to be produced before the Tribunal," the home ministry added. Sources said in case the feedback from states and various security agencies confirms that Simi was still indulging in illegal and unlawful activities then the ban would be extended beyond January next year as well. Centre has banned Simi under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and is in effect till January 31, 2019.New Delhi: Home ministry has sought feedback from different state government on activities of the banned outfit Simi to asses if the ban on the group should continue post January next year as well.

Ministry officials also claimed that ipso facto a case under UAPA would be made out to continue the ban on Simi of its activities and membership was continuing.. In 2014 the ban on SIMI was further extended for a period of five years.In a recent communication to the states the home ministry has clearly stated that, "if Simi is still found involved in unlawful activity and other activities prejudicial to the integrity and internal security of the nation or with a potential to threaten the secular fabric of the country, the relevant material covering cases under the Act registered before February 1, 2014, and their latest status indicating persons convicted, released, appeal preferred, if any, may be provided to this ministry. The group was involved in blasts in Gujarat in 2008 in which at least 45 people were killed.SIMI, which officials claimed has been found to be involved in terror activities in the past, has been on the banned pu fabric supplier list of organisations since 2001. "If this organisation and its members commit offences in furtherance of their aims and objectives, then the charge sheet would have to contain the reference to such violation.

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The interiors feel like a blurred

The offering of a flexible workstation within an attractive and comfortable space where one’s seat is neither fixed nor permanent, is a boon for the working professional. Due to an open plan,versatile seating possibilities can be made available for the users. He helms an exclusive designer furniture brand.— The writer is a design expert who understands the intrinsic aspects of interior spaces and its trends. Reclining lounge chairs and compact stools are popular in discussion areas. High workstations are commonly seen with barstools and high seats, lending invigoration to the working process. Most co-working spaces designcustomised seating around the structure of their spaces for eg.

A variety of permutations are possible, with furniture design itself evolving around the activityplatter ofa co-working space. Lounge pockets can accommodate fabric upholstered sofas which are cozy and chic and spell comfort. Co-working decor is highly urban and modern and geared to be a panaceafor work-life pressure. Interaction spots are also being creatively designed and interspersed with form and colour to keep the motivation going for the members and users. The interiors and lighting are based on modernthemes and are relevant to the new-gen working process. What work-from-home professionals or freelancers really looked for then was a quiet corner to immerse themselves into, without real-time distraction of ringing doorbells and telephone jingles. Co-working spaces are built for convenient, collaborative and interactive working atmosphere.Co-working spaces also allow in-house events and activities to take place periodically, keeping the fun-at-work essence flowing 24x7. Inside co-working spaces there is a buzz of professional conduct with an air of deep confidence which comes from the harmonious and pleasant environment.Modular stack-and-go with low seating is also a possible fit here. As a concept, co-working spaces emerged from hackerspaces, which were communities founded in Berlin where computer enthusiasts could gather, work together and share a common space for their interests and activities. There are plenty of options of hot seats and cubicles, which see an influx and movement of temporary members. Small and round dining tables can work for open meeting rooms and rectangular desks with in-desk power fixtures are needed for both meetings and work cubicles. linear built-in seating with cushionsfitted alongside glass walls overlooking the cityscape for inspiration. Co-working was formally launched in San Francisco in 2005 and its growth till the present day proves how well the concept is catching on.The Importance of Furniture in Co-working SpacesSetting up shop in a garage, outhouse, kitchen, attic and even balcony was not unheard of, considering that a workplace commands a certain undisturbed space that remains detached from the main house.

It is furniture that lends distinction between each space pocket in a co-working building.27 million people working in co-working spaces worldwide. It’s an inspiring environment simulating a café, hotel lobby or an airport lounge with attractive wall decor, plants, thinking pockets, self-serviced stations with free beverages, phone booths for private conversations, open-air meeting areas, terrace or indoor games and workout zones. The population of a co-working space can shrink or expand, depending on the supply and demand. In today’s context, a similar independent professional survival is rare due to the numerous digital distractions and one main consideration, an ubiquitous wifi.The furniture in co-working spaces is defined by the function of the space where it is placed. By focusing on the ergonomics of furniture and tools for their users, co-working spaces are building a productive and progressive work culture. According to Statista, In 2017, there were 15,500 co-working spaces existing globally with around 1. As innovation brought in disruptive models of function and existence in most aspects of life, the plug and play concept caught on with the millennials who were embracing niche solutions in the early 2000s.The fdy fabric idea of co-working has been built around one concept, which is flexibility. Wherever a seating area is created, provision of in-desk features becomes crucial.

The interiors feel like a blurred line between home and play, and are set not just to inspire, but to give a huge boost drip on a daily basis for the users. No wonder the interiors are charming, pleasant and sometimes out of this world.Co-working spaces are not just disrupting the working arrangement and office space concept, but are also keen to dispel health woes that emanate from a regular seating structure. A modular furniture system consisting of straight or curved units that easily detach and fit to form multiple workspace configurations,can also suit coworking. The choice of furniture pieces follows the personality of a particular area is designated for. Although bean bags are passé, they can be used to fill corners, keeping in line with the casual atmosphere.

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